Options of the cfg executable

    cfg [-h] [-V] [-v] [-d] [-t] [-w] [-p N] [-s] [-l FILE] [-m] [-g TAG] [-r N] [-f "POLICY"] [-e "POLICY"]

            -h, --help                  This help text.
            -V, --version               Print version.
            -v, --debug                 Turn on debugging messages.
            -d, --dump                  Dump tree.
            -t, --test                  Dry-run mode. All operations are expected to succeed. Turns on debugging.
            -w, --watch                 Watch for inotify IN_MODIFY and IN_ATTRIB events to the main policy file.
            -p, --periodic              Do a run after N seconds.
            -s, --syslog                Enable logging to syslog.
            -l, --log                   Log to an specified file.
            -m, --msg                   Show debug and test messages.
            -g, --tag                   Only run specified tag(s).
            -r, --runs                  Run the policy N times if a failure is encountered. Default is 3.
            -f, --file                  Path to the Configi policy.
            -e, --embedded              Name of the embedded Configi policy.